6. Changes Made Easy

Digital Service

All of these downloads erase and replace subconscious programming. They are awesome. This is a great package/club for those of you that want to change your programming but do not enjoy listening to suggestion downloads or guided meditations and visualizations. If you need the help and cannot 'make' yourself listen to something more than once or twice, you'll love this program. Plus, we're constantly adding new downloads. I love just Black Boards! I think you will, too. :)

Happy Changing!

There's a 24 hour free trial. Be sure you like it before you buy this. If you're interested in one particular download, try it with the free trial. (Be nice and don't take advantage of this.)

This does not renew automatically. You'll have to manually do it every month or if you'd prefer, you can do the yearly subscription and save some hassle and money. :) It's up to you... Do what you're comfortable with.

And, above all... Have fun!


Click here to peruse the contents of this package.

Everything with an C* is included in your package. How fun! Listen to them as much as you like.

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