C* Eliminate your Money Blocks meditation is to do just that... this meditation takes you deep into that money part of your mind so you are able to fix and change anything that stops you from accepting money into your life.
C* This download a combination of guilt and regret about shopping and spending money. The outcome? You'll feel better about spending money, be okay with spending it on what you want and all around make better money choices for yourself. Happy Programming!
C* Do you punish yourself or put yourself in compromising situations? Or if you've ever caught yourself wondering why someone would help or love you, or simply saying to yourself I don't deserve ____, then this download is for you!
C* Get your mind focused on what you want...Paying off all of those credit cards! You'll get rid of any overwhelming and/or worried thoughts and feelings, feel positive and focused. You'll start automatically making decisions and choices that support...
C* Enjoy saving your money! Change your programming to save your money: you'll naturally (and automatically) start making financial choices that support your goals. This gets you excited about saving!
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