C* This download helps you have a comfortable conversation about sex and sexuality. You'll get rid of all your negative thoughts and associations and set healthy boundaries. You'll be able to talk about it with your friends, partner or child.
This download helps you eliminate any negative thoughts, behaviors and feelings about getting and giving oral sex (this is good for men and women). It puts you in a confident place, opens your mind and makes saying no or yes easy.
This download helps you get all the negative thoughts out of your head. You'll stop being shy, feeling shameful and/or embarrassed and be able to express yourself easily. (Saying Yes and No) You'll even be confident...
We've all been there... Really. Negative thoughts are negative thoughts.This stops the replaying of the negative outcome, situation and/or the fear of it happening again. This download gets your head out of the way and gets you back in your body.
Eek! It's been too long!!! This download helps you to eliminate negative expectations and/or worries. This is good for men and/or women. If it's been awhile (same person or a different one) and you're nervous at all, this is fabulous.
This download gets you in sync with your partner. This is great for women and men. You can listen to this alone or with your partner. It makes every experience better.
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