1. Unlimited Potential Program

Digital Service

There's a 24 hour free trial. Be sure you like it before you buy this. If you're interested in one particular download, try it with the free trial. (Be nice and don't take advantage of this.)

This does not renew automatically. You'll have to manually do it every month or if you'd prefer, you can do the yearly subscription and save some hassle and money. :) It's up to you... Do what you're comfortable with.

And, above all... Have fun!

Everything is included in your package. If it's in this shop, it's included in your package. How fun! Listen to them as much as you like.

This program includes everything from the other monthly programs with additional downloads from the Adult Only Content Shop. You can change your programs, have a plethora of choices of what to go to sleep, break or wake up with and find just about everything for anything. We're constantly adding new downloads to this program. If you want to use more of your mind and make lifting your consciousness a way of life, this package is for you. Plus, it's super easy to use and find everything that you need. If you see a download in here that you like, you can just log in to your account and listen to it. And, Voila! You feel better and have helped/changed yourself, your life and/or your circumstances. Your mind is awesome. Congratulations for using it!

Happy Listening!


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