C* Change your programming and get your debt paid off quickly and easily! You'll shrink the problem in your mind and come up with creative solutions that work for you. You can live debt free!
You'll exercise your creative visualization skills getting through this maze to get to your own pot of gold (or whatever type of money [stuff] you'd like to picture at the end). Relax, lie back and let the visions flow!
H* This meditation guides you into a comfortable state to improve your relationship with money.
C* This Money Black Board focuses on the worry things are not ever going to change or get better and erases and replaces negative money programs with positive ones.
$3.95 $15.95
C* Make paying your bills easy! You'll stop procrastinating, being afraid and/or overwhelmed. This download helps you 'fix' your head so that you pay all of your bills as soon as you get them, enjoy doing it and have a ton money left over!
C* This download is great to reprogram you to save and spend your money on healthy choices for you. It complements all the downloads for addiction, dieting and anything else health, money and choice related. :) Have fun!
C* This download helps you automatically make the choices that you need to to keep you on the budget that you set for yourself. You'll take your time make purchases and tune into your intuition so that you are always prepared for what's coming.
C* This download motivates you to get your taxes done , keep all your paperwork, get organized and be comfortable dealing with the state and the IRS. You'll get rid of any anxiety, intuitively know what you need and, of course, save yourself some money!
C* This is a great download for anyone that has any [amount of] credit cards. You'll get rid of any negative thoughts and programs about credit cards and build a good, healthy relationship with them and yourself! You're programming yourself to use them...
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