Checking In with your Body Set

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Your body is always communicating with you, trying to answer your questions and give you guidance. It knows what is best for it-in every situation. You'll check-in with your body to see how he/she is feeling and what your body wants and needs. This works for everything from the foods that you eat to the best times and types of exercise to how much sleep that you need at night.

This set comes with two downloads: a short one (8 minutes) that you can listen to anytime, anywhere that you can get away for a few minutes and a 21 minute relaxation session that gives a bit more space to get your questions answered and calm any angst or worries that you may have.

Includes a bonus reprogramming audio: Checking In with your Body Reprogramming. It's short but works wonders if you have any blocks! Enjoy! (This audio is not sold separately.)

This is a wonderful set if you're working on communicating with and listening to your body. It compliments all of the other body work and downloads that you may be using. 

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