Crashing Waves to Put You to Sleep

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Sleep Hypnosis with Crashing Waves in the Background. This download puts you to sleep. You'll focus on the sounds in the background and use counting to train yourself into sleeping anytime that you want. Happy Sleeping!

Check the sounds. Click the sample button to be sure that you like the sounds in the background. This is really great [sleep] hypnosis. It uses a lot of hypnotist 'tricks' and training so that you can teach/train yourself to go to sleep, each and every night. There's a short part of this session that has you release restlessness. If you're a restless person or sleeper, try the Crashing Waves Releasing Restlessness download. This download teaches you to use numbers and sounds to put yourself to sleep anytime that it's bedtime. It ends with the sounds fading into silence.

Happy Sleeping!

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