Staying Sober Set

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If you're working at staying sober, this set is for you! It keeps you going, reminds you that everything is okay and that all you have to do [to get your life back on track] is stay sober today. You're training the habit of grabbing ____ for grabbing one of these downloads. Plus, you'll only use it as long as you need it and will forget about it when the time is right.

You train your mind and body to turn to you, learn how to relax yourself, deal with not enough or too much time and teach  yourself to use your breath for just about everything, from stopping your cravings to quieting your mind.

The set comes with a short 15 minute download that stops the craving and compulsion and a 32 minute download that programs you to stay sober [automatically making good choices]. You can use them anytime, including to put yourself to sleep. If you need to use them over and over in one day,  that's fine, too or you may find listening to them just once or twice and knowing you have them, does the trick for you. However you choose to use them is up to you.

*They do program to grab them instead of ______. So, keep them accessible. Don't worry about becoming dependent on them, they also put in your mind that when all the feelings, cravings and habits pass, that you will completely forget about them. You may however, like listening to these or other downloads just simply because you feel better. Keep doing that! But the compulsion and need will simply just fall away.

Happy Healing!

~These are made to be listened to when you are sober ~ if you're trying to come down or get off a binge listen to Coming Down Naturally (or any sleep one) or maybe even I love being sober! (that one may morivate you) or anything else, really. These are to be listened to when you're trying to stay sober. I don't deserve ______  goes great after a hard few days, weeks or months and does wonders for your mind about changing your life and accepting help. That one can you to sleep, too.

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