Happy Halloween! This download is great for anyone who has a tendency to snack on candy and treats. If you want to stop nibbling on all that sugary stuff during this holiday~this download is for you! It's short and sweet ;) Changing a habit has never been
$4.95 $20.95
M*, C* If you've been trying to stop eating or wanting certain foods, this session may just be what you need to change your diet permanently. Do not listen to this download unless you're ready to stop eating junk food.
H*, C* This is a great set if you want to stop snacking! No more grazing or mindless eating. :) You'll be amazed how easy these sessions are to fit into any day and quickly they work!
M*, C* This is a wonderful set if you want to be better at portion control/planning, eat everything that you buy, be conscious of what you're ordering, and want to eat everything that you already have. Plus, you'll only buy what you're going to eat!
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