No Diet Day!

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Stay on your Diet! If you have trouble staying on your diet because you get sick of it, feel slighted or get angry about having to 'do it', this download might just be what makes staying on your diet super easy!

This short download programs you to stay on your diet all year long. You'll give yourself permission to celebrate No Diet Day (May 6) as a reward, something to look forward to and to let that part of you that's grumpy about dieting have their way. Pretty cool~ the resistant part of you gets their way for a whole day! Plus, this session helps you to make all of your dieting choices a habit, automatic and a non-issue.
This is a great download for someone who doesn't like to diet and needs something to look forward to. If you don't have a particular diet that you're on, but want this type of motivation [to eat right], try the download Eat Anything You Want Day. 

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