Working Everything Out Set

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This is a fabulous set that complements all of the downloads: Working Everything Out. This set has three short sessions so that you can get the information you need and get going!

You may use this set alone or with any of the downloads. It comes with three recordings. Have your challenge, question or situation in your mind. You can choose to use them separately or all in one sitting. You'll be amazed how much they help with anything/everything in your life. Enjoy!
Understanding: 15 minutes
Processing: 16 minutes
What To Do Now: 10 minutes
(If you like this set, be sure to get Taking your Power Back... it's the next step, so to speak, and helps you release any blocks to the processing and understanding of whatever is going on in your life. Yay!)

Be sure to check the sounds; this download is part of the Soothing Sounds Line. Click the sample button to be sure that you like the sounds in the background. 

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