Soothing Sleep Anxiety Away

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There's nothing worse than worrying about if you're going to be able to sleep when you need to except thinking about it all day long! This class eliminates those thought cycles, soothes your mind and body, and teaches you how to relax into sleep when it's your bedtime.

You'll get a deeper understanding of everything that's going on in your life, work out those things that keep you up all night while you're drifting away ! You can use this anytime day or night. You choose each time you listen to it if you want to wake up or go to sleep at the end.

This download does not come with any worksheets. Have your journal ready (when you get up after listening to this or in the morning when you wake up) for any messages that you receive and please download the complimentary eBook and introduction in the What's the Message? Class Series. If you want or need any other sleep downloads or complimentary sleep affirmations, Click here to see the DIY Downloads Sleep Section.


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