Don't Worry. Be Happy!

$15.95 $3.95
Streaming, Dropbox®

Everything is okay! And, it's good to be happy! This download help you feel secure being happy. You'll erase any and all of those thoughts or patterns that keep you from being happy.

If you've found yourself 'waiting for the other shoe to drop' or you don't want to be too happy about something, this download is for you! There's a section for you to take out the negative thoughts and patterns so you feel free to be happy and excite. You'll also get rid of anything that's going to 'jinx' or sabotage you.

Happy Being Happy! :)


*Sale Price due to 'interference' in the recording.* There's a few glitchy 'beeps' ~ You actually may not even notice them. If you'll fixate on this, do not buy this download. If you're easy going about it, Have fun and enjoy this at a super low price! ;)

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