Happiness is Good for my Health

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Have you ever felt like there are people in your life that don't want you to be happy or that you take people's comments too much to heart? This download helps you to making choosing happiness automatic and eliminates the negative affects of others on yours.

You'll seemly automatically draw people to you that have the same happiness sense as you do and/or are supportive of you. Negative people or sabotagey ones just fade away. If you have someone close to you that dowses your joy a lot, you'll find it just doesn't bother you anymore and you'll intuitively know who to talk to about what. You'll separate yourself from the world around and focus on your happiness.



*Sale Price due to 'interference' in the recording.* There's a few glitchy 'beeps' ~ You actually may not even notice them. If you'll fixate on this, do not buy this download. If you're easy going about it, Have fun and enjoy this at a super low price! ;)

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