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There's a 3 day free trial. Be sure you like it before you buy this. Use at least one download each night. You're training your mind and your body. You'll need a couple days to see if sleep hypnosis works for you, if you can get into the habit of doing it and if you like my voice. Take advantage of the three days! 'Purchase' this before bed (signing up is free... you have to check-out of this store to be able to access the downloads) so that you can listen to them three nights in a row.

Plan on listening to two downloads the first night and anytime that you wake up in the middle of the night. Don't listen to these in the morning or mid-day unless that's your regular bedtime. They're made to put you and keep you asleep. 

Sleep hypnosis just may be your  golden ticket to deep, restful sleep. Give it a try. The worst that can happen is you knock-out first time around! ;)

The monthly subscription does not renew automatically. You'll have to manually do it every month or if you'd prefer, you can do the yearly subscription and save some hassle and money. :)  It's up to you... Do what you're comfortable with. And, above all... Happy Sleeping!

*The only audios included in this subscription are the ones that put you and keep you asleep. If you're looking into this for convenience, many of the other programs have sessions that give you 'the option' to wake up, move into meditation or go to sleep when they are over. (If one or more of the downloads come in a set, only the to go to sleep one is included here.) Don't listen to these in the morning or mid-day unless that's your regular bedtime. They're made to put you and keep you asleep. This subscription only had downloads that put you to sleep included~all of the downloads end with you moving into a sleep state. Enjoy! 


All of the Digital Products [in this store] have

Streaming Ability Only.

If you'd like to be able to share, stream and download this product, please click here to purchase any [of these] downloads in the DIY Download Store, Mind, Body & Soul Shop and in Making Magick Happens. You'll also find the eBooks and accompanying workbooks and some of the complimentary Affirmation Image eBooks here, also. All of the eBooks, Affirmations and Workbooks complement all of the audio downloads. They are a great addition to this program. Happy Shopping!

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