M* Create the Money [Stuff] You Need Now and make a withdraw from the Universe.
So Fun! We've all heard the phrase, "Find a penny and pick it up. All day long, you'll have good luck! " This session takes that luck to another level! This is a great programming session to increase your luck with some wonderful guided imagery tossed in.
H* Whatever, whenever you need money (any amount) you can listen to your meditation, take a wonderful, magickal journey to a tropical place and gather all the money you can carry.
M* This is wonderful. If you've been working on anything and the missing piece of your creation is money... this download is for you! Plus, there's a bit of digital interference (Woo-Hoo that means it's on super sale!) and i...
$3.95 $15.95
This download helps you gear your mind (and your wallet!) to quit smoking. This works for any type of program you're planning on using~and if money is a motivator for you, you may find this is the only download you need. :) Happy listening!
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